Enjoy Classic and Contemporary Culture this summer

The month of July is full to bursting with cultural events this year. From classical concerts to contemporary art, medieval festivals through to al-fresco performances of ballet, opera and jazz. Tuscany offers a multitude of stunning locations which host numerous events throughout the season. From the atmospheric San Galgano Abbey to the fortress hilltop village of Monteriggioni near Siena, why not book tickets for a couple of historic events and create lasting memories of a cultured summer in Tuscany




Monteriggioni Medieval Festival

Monteriggioni is crowned with towers, XXIV edition

Over the last two weekends of July (Friday, Saturday and Sunday 25.26.27 18:19:20 and July 2014) the famous Medieval Festival of Monteriggioni takes place inside the walls of the ancient fortress village overlooking the Chianti Hills.

Historic setting

The ancient castle of Monteriggioni has remained largely intact over the centuries and thus provides the natural backdrop for this historical event.
Inside the small old town, still enclosed by the ancient walls mentioned by Dante, the memory of the Middle Ages comes alive with amazing intensity during the days of the festival. Actors and entertainers dressed in costume, torchbearers, fire dancers and wandering poets all transport visitors far into the medieval era. This is an unmissable annual event that attracts thousands of visitors every year, a family friendly festival it is an interactive spectacular packed with fun-filled activities for all ages.

This year sees the twenty-fourth edition of "Monteriggioni is crowned with towers" and features six days full of medieval inspired attractions, with impressive artistic performances, costumed characters, markets, arts and crafts in the streets and piazzas, jugglers, musicians, acrobats, sword swallowers, singers and so much more. This year also re-enactments and reconstructions will be even more detailed and exciting with knights, horses, battles and much sculduggery and tomfoolery.

Old Money

To further immerse visitors within their medieval surroundings guests will have to exchange modern currency for old coins. To buy food and drink and other items within the castle walls you will need a good supply of the 'Grosso'. The currency harks back to the old Sanese d'Oro and will be coined in three sizes this year: 1, 2 and 5 'Grossi', worth their equivalent in Euros. Visitors can exchange their cash at two Medieval bank counters located at the two ends of the main square of Monteriggioni.

All the fun of the Feast

The Feast of Monteriggioni is more than just entertainment, music and re-enactments. It also offers the chance to sit down and enjoy some very good rustic Tuscan food. For the duration of the event various eateries, taverns and inns offer local traditional dishes and medieval specialities. From soups, broths, local salamis and Tuscan sausages, through to whole game, spit roasts and home-made cakes and desserts, the village is filled with the aromas of bbq's grills, open fires and traditional baking. Enjoy an authentic taste of Medieval Tuscany all washed down with a good glass of local wine, mead or ale.

Tickets and Transport can be arranged through our Concierge office.

For more details http://www.musicaepalcoscenico.it/






San Galgano International
Music Festival

During the summer there are an enticing collection of concerts, ballets and theatrical performances to enjoy within the picturesque setting of San Galgano Abbey. For many years the ancient ruined abbey of San Galgano has been the venue for concerts in collaboration with the Chigi Academy of Music and this year sees a diverse variety of performances.

This month why not book tickets for one or two events at this spectacular open air venue. Enjoy some Tuscan culture under a blanket of stars and indulge in exceptional music, theatre and dance. Events include classic and contemporar entertainment including operas, concerts, musicals and ballets. This season, San Galgano International Music festival kicks off with a performance of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ arranged for choir and orchestra.

See below for the 2014 full list of events taking place at San Galgano Abbey which is just a stone's throw from Borgo Santo Pietro. For a special theatre dinner, picnic package or late night post show dining experience please speak to our reception or Concierge office for availability and to book tickets.

Pour plus de détails http://www.musicaepalcoscenico.it/




Tuscan Wines – Borgo Wine Academy

At the very heart of Tuscany lies the day-to-day nurturing, harvesting, production and enjoyment of some of the world's most remarkable wines. With guests planning trips from all over the world just to learn about Tuscan wines, Borgo Santo Pietro has appointed an exceptional Sommelier to head up the 2014 Borgo Wine Academyl tasting sessions.

Cellar notes

Borgo Santo Pietro boasts an exceptional wine cellar which has been created by respected Tuscan born Sommelier, Simona di Goro. Simona has successfully developed a unique collection of remarkable labels which include some of the finest regional varieties such as wines from the Chianti hills, Brunellos from Montalcino and award winning wines from the Bolgheri estates. With a strong emphasis on local and organic varieties Borgo’s cellar also features some rare and collectable vintages. This month, Simona is holding classes teaching guests about the processes involved in the making of some of the great Italian wines.

Sessions are held in Borgo's cellar where Simona holds individual and intimate group sessions on a journey of discovery where guests learn about the climate, history, production and harvesting methods associated with the various wine regions of Tuscany.

Tasting sessions are educational, informative and above all enjoyable. Simona's flexible approach takes into consideration each guest's individual interests and level of wine appreciation and understanding of the industry. Wines are hand selected and tastings are fun and interactive, guests can enjoy a variety of classes from beginner through to specialist sessions focusing on wines of the region such as Chianti, Brunello and the much esteemed Super Tuscans.

To book a wine tasting session or to enquire about arranging a series of wine school classes please speak to our Concierge.


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