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Tuscan Harvest - the season of feasting, festivals and culture

October is filled with the harvest festivals that feature throughout the towns, cities and villages of Tuscany. The wine harvest is now in full swing and the forests are producing their bounty of the seasonal Truffles, Porcini, Chestnuts and more. Why not book a visit to one of the many food festivals and indulge in great food, good wine and some wonderful local culture (medieval costumes optional).

truffle.jpg Tuscan Truffle Hunting

Treasured by the Tuscans and adored by food-lovers worldwide, the elusive truffle is one of the region’s most prized ingredients. However, Borgo Santo Pietro has arranged special access to an exclusive and top secret nature reserve which is known for its truffles.

Your truffle hunting excursion will start with an introduction to the region's truffles and how to find them, you will then be taken to by car to a secret location. There, local truffle hunters and their hounds will guide you on a hunt for the truffles in the woodlands of the Tuscan hills. You will watch the dogs at work and enjoy time in the woods and open countryside. Armed with your treasured truffles you will then be taken to a local Osteria where you will have your very own truffles prepared for you personally.

But, how will you enjoy your truffles? Finely shaved over organic hens eggs? Adorning freshly made tagliatelle or, maybe simply grated over a classic Bistecca Fiorentina? Following a truffle infused seasonal lunch you will be driven back to Borgo Santo Pietro.

fungo.jpg Sagra del Fungo e della Castagna, Vivo d'Orcia

Vivo d'Orcia (a small village near Castiglione d'Orcia) Sagra del Fungo e della Castagna (Mushroom and chestnut festival) on the second and third weekends of October. The town divides into two parts for the Palio del Boscaiolo in which the teams, using antique saws, have to cut logs into stools and tables, where they then eat a polenta dish that the rest of the team has prepared in the meantime.

There is a nature walk where mushroom species are explained, but the main attraction is the range of local porcini mushroom dishes available, and the sale of porcini and chestnuts.

senn.jpg Wellbeing Workshops with Katrina Love Senn

World-famous healer and yoga teacher, Katrina Love Senn, returns to Tuscany this summer for more healing and wellbeing sessions at Borgo Santo Pietro.

This month Katrina will be staying at the hotel and offering sessions to both guests and non-residents. She will also be working closely with the hotel spa manager, Tracey Mallalieu, who has designed several unique holistic wellbeing treatments that perfectly compliment Katrina’s healing sessions. Tracey explains “Borgo is a very special place where we give our guests the opportunity to totally wind-down and recharge their batteries on every level, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is wonderful having Katrina here as we can work in-sync helping our guests to achieve a higher level of pure relaxation and wellbeing”.

Katrina Love Senn will be holding regular yoga, meditation and healing sessions this summer and her wellbeing weeks are being held at Borgo Santo Pietro from: 27th September - 3rd October 
October: 25th - 31st October*

*Book a session during these weeks and automatically take 30% off any 2-night or more stay & book a second session at a 30% discount.

Contact the to book a session or course of classes with Katrina at Borgo Santo Pietro. Morning yoga at Borgo will be complimentary to guests, whilst individual sessions of yoga start at €80. Private guided meditation sessions start at €80 whilst the private Breakthrough Healing sessions are priced at €175.

sider_artist_sanna.jpg Resident Artist at Borgo Santo Pietro

This month we welcome a new Artist to Borgo Santo Pietro. Sanna Tomac was born in Sweden and studied drawing and painting at The Florence Academy of Art between 1996-1998. Afterwards, she studied with the painter Odd Nerdrum in Norway together with her husband, whom she met at the FAA, Hans-Peter Szameit, being the first students from the FAA to connect with Nerdrum and the Norwegian school. In 2000, Sanna and Hans moved to the United States and in 2001 they founded Pantura Studios where they established their studios and taught growing group of students who came from across the country and abroad. In early 2006 they moved to Stockholm, Sweden with their two children and founded The Swedish Academy of Realist Art, Atelier Stockholm (SARA). Sanna is presently the Artistic Director and a primary instructor at SARA. Her current project is a monumental ceiling painting commission for the Bååtska Palace in Stockholm. Sanna's paintings and drawings can be found in public and private collections throughout the world. During her month's stay at Borgo, Sanna will be holding classes and workshops and will be based at the artist's pavilion next to the lake.

sider_BWA.jpg Borgo Wine Academy

Borgo Santo Pietro has appointed an exceptional Sommelier to head up the 2014 Borgo Wine Academy tasting sessions - Tuscan born Sommelier, Simona di Goro. Simona has successfully developed a unique collection of remarkable labels which include some of the finest regional varieties such as wines from the Chianti hills, Brunellos from Montalcino and award winning wines from the Bolgheri estates.

This month, Simona is holding classes teaching guests about the processes involved in the making of some of the great Italian wines. Sessions are held in Borgo's cellar where Simona holds individual and intimate group sessions on a journey of discovery where guests learn about the climate, history, production and harvesting methods associated with the various wine regions of Tuscany.

Tasting sessions are educational, informative and above all enjoyable. Simona's flexible approach takes into consideration each guest's individual interests and level of wine appreciation and understanding of the industry. Wines are hand selected and tastings are fun and interactive, guests can enjoy a variety of classes from beginner through to specialist sessions focusing on wines of the region such as Chianti, Brunello and the much esteemed Super Tuscans.

To book a wine tasting session or to enquire about arranging a series of wine school classes please speak to our Concierge.

thrush.jpg Sagra del Tordo - Montalcino

The Sagra del Tordo (feast of the Thrush) festival takes place on the last weekend of October with drums, trumpets, costume parades taking place on the Saturday, followed by a day-long feast in Montalcino castle on Sunday. This feast of the thrush is open to the public and offers a good range of food, including roast thrushes needless to say, plus the excellent local wines are available. During the morning, there is a costume parade, and celebratory lunches are held in the four quartieri of Montalcino - Pianello, Travaglio, Ruga and Borghetto.

Similar feasts are held in the evening. A limited number of visitors can book for these feasts – so book ahead. The main parade takes place in the afternoon, leading to the archery field, and is followed by the longbow tournament in which two archers from each quartiere compete. Tickets are required for the competition which is a major annual event for the citizens of Montalcino. Unusually for Tuscany, the competition is for long bowmen although there are plenty of crossbows in evidence during the parades. 

riccia.jpg Castagne e vino in piazza, Radicondoli

Radicondoli festa of roasted chestnuts and wine in late October or early November. Radicondoli is well off the beaten path for tourists but well worth a visit to enjoy authentic Tuscan life. It is located south west of Siena on the border of the Maremma. This particular festa includes free-style noise-making by the Radicondoli brass band and guests feast on roasted chestnuts, porchetta and other hearty fare plus plentiful supplies of wine. 

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