Jodie Carney

Jodie Carney, BFA is a practising artist from Jersey, Channel Islands, registered as a Percentage for Art programme listed artist and specialising in oil painting with multi-media supports. Her works are sincere, with inspiration taken from Jersey's diverse cultural background and the knowledge she has cultivated while living and studying in New Zealand.

Jodie found motivation from a young age in learning of the likes of Claude Cahun – an artist who expressed herself boldly during the German occupation, a time of great suppression in Jersey, regardless of the consequences. In following Cahun's commentaries on issues of identity and portrayal through society, Jodie's connection to time and place has come through involvement with local cultural and environmental efforts; including supporting the Environment Department, Jersey and Durrell Zoo with their Agile Frog programme to protect and recover the endangered species' population, and later creating a commissioned, head-sized bronze reproduction for educational display.

Since living in New Zealand she has developed these interests further, seeing a truly creative Maori culture function synonymously with modern lifestyle and technologies. Her hand-crafted Harakeke paper and walnut ink etchings personify this, and are as delicate and empathetic in their objectivity as in their acknowledgement and appreciation of material source and cultural methodologies. All materials she harvested by hand and processed traditionally in respect of environment and spirituality.

This way of creating is what she wishes to pursue at Borgo Santo Pietro, a place created first hand from its very fundamental stages to a diverse and thriving element of Florence's culture. Figurative painting has always been a major aspect of Jodie's work, which she aims to use as a tool to recognise all those people involved in the process. Also, much like her recent works, she intends on making use of materials sourced on site, grown by those people who are a part of BSP, and acknowledging all those traditions that allowed them to reach fruition.

For those wishing to take part in her classes she will be forwarding this knowledge, as well as methods of creating supports that are unique to ones' artistic idea, and help rendering particularly through tone.