Lena Lencek

Lena Lencek grew up on the Adriatic in a family of writers, artists, and professors, who cultivated and shaped her dual passion for art and literature. A graduate of Barnard College and Harvard University, she is Professor of Russian and Humanities, an acclaimed author of 12 books, a published illustrator, and a translator, most recently of the Russian Pavel Muratov's magisterial Visions of Italy. Speaker of six languages, she is in constant demand as a public speaker and commentator on her wide-ranging areas of expertise. She has traveled the world, sketchbook in hand, to produce paintings and drawings that have been praised for their "technical mastery, expressive power, and ecstatic colors" and their "ability to distill the genius loci of place and to evoke in the viewer a mood of rapturous joy".

Website: www.geochromes.org