Ulrika Westerberg

Classical violinist Ulrika Westerberg always dreamt of being a painter, but remained in the classical music business for thirty years.

The last four years she has switched career by studying art at Swedish Academy of Reallist Art.

Ulrika now lives her dream and works everyday in oil and water colours, painting landscapes, still lifes and portraits. She has recently finished a big commission for a company and has also been contracted as an illustrator. She was our October resident artist in 2013.

Follow her blog: skymningskonst.blogspot.com .


2013 Svartsjö Castle, Stockholm

2012 Galleri Unicorn, Enköping

2011 Svartsjö Castle, Stockholm


2013 Painting-commission for a advertising company Snask in Stockholm

2012 Medical Illustrations for swedish medical journal

2009 medical Illustrations for Arhythmi-centrum, Söder-Hospital Stockholm

2008 Medical Illustration for a thesis on atrial ablations

2006 Illustrations for Childrens Opera

2001 Illustrations for Public Service Radio website