Carrie Turner

Carrie Turner’s journey of artistic expression began as a child. She would spend her days drawing, and her exceptional talent was recognized and encouraged early on by her artfully supportive family.

As young adult, her artistic talent was first cultivated at Boston University and later at Drexel University where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. With a strong drive to learn and a passion for art, Turner then went on to receive her Masters of Fine Arts from the New York Academy of Art.

Now living in Savannah, Georgia, Turner is enjoying the Southern life, full of coastal and historic inspiration. She creates art daily and has a passion for teaching others the techniques of art and expression.

Her work, often described as “fresh, optimistic, and meditative,” beautiful words to depict the emotiveness of her abstract art.

“My art is about finding the beauty in the random chaos of life.”

Artist's statement

In one word, my art can be described as “Fluid.” There is movement between colors, and in the way I manipulate liquid elements to create the structure of each work of art. A push-pull, a fluid connection between myself and the painting.

I control the media with movement, letting some of the areas remain raw, the inks and watercolor begin to meld in their layered liquidity allowing for pure abstraction.

Compelled to create and express myself in a visual way, I am inspired by varying artistic styles from William Turner to Mark Rothko. My background in fashion and art history combine in my artful expression. I am inspired by the patterns we see and feel everyday; music, emotions, and nature. Each piece signifies important parts of the human experience, especially emotions and memories.

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