Tom J. Byrne

Thomas Joseph Byrne has always worked in the visual arts. In addition to painting he has directed art galleries and group exhibitions, published art books and launched several life drawing groups.

In 2013, after 25 years as a painter, he returned to the roots of western art and culture in Florence.

Tom is Irish and spent the majority of his early years there. He studied at the College of Marketing and Design in Dublin and worked in the visual arts until leaving Ireland in 2003 to work and study in France.

Artist's statement

My inspiration comes from drawing, curiosity and communication.

I'm very grateful for the support received from other artists, art lovers and collectors. Painting is a constant evolutionary process. Nothing stands still and an artist always thinks in terms of exploration, insights and an almost scientific investigation into poetic expression.

Exploration is the lens through which we see the world and art is a foundation stone of culture. It searches for its true north in each society.

I specialise in plein air painting in Florence, Italy and Ireland. My mediums are oil, tempera, drawing and watercolour.

Most of my painting takes place outdoors en plein air in the Tuscan landscape. I occasionally work in the studio. While in Italy, I'm fortunate to live in the villa San Francesco di Paola, an ancient estate of Bellosguardo, which was originally the property of the Order of the Mendicant Friars in the fifteenth century.