Dotti Smith

Dotti Smith grew up in Beaufort, a small town on the coast of North Carolina located in the United States. She and her husband Kent moved to Asheville NC, a mountain city known for its arts and culture and where her art began to flourish. In 2008 she attended a classical realism art school, The Fine Arts League Of The Carolinas in Asheville NC, studying under Ben Long IV Ben, an apprentice under Pietro Annigoni, studied for eight years with Annigoni in Florence Italy. Ben’s fresco work can be seen at the Abbey of Montecassion where he and Annigoni worked side by side. In 1976 he was awarded the prestigious Leonardo da Vinci International art Award. His school was a great foundation to create great art.

Dotti’s passion for art is evident in her work. She has spent a great deal of time copying the masters to perfect the old classical style. She is now creating original artwork in the style of the old masters, alla prima landscapes and from time to time takes on commissions.