Our Story

Borgo Santo Pietro was born from our personal dream, a home for our family.

We stumbled across the dilapidated ruin in 2001, then nothing more than a crumbling hamlet, standing amidst fields of mud and set about planning its restoration, to bring the hamlet back to life. 

Feeling it needed to be shared, we embarked on the long and ever evolving journey to create an intimate boutique-style hotel and have spent years lovingly reinstating it to a long forgotten noble splendor, when it was a healing retreat for pilgrims to rest and recuperate.

Our vision for the gardens and desolate fields surrounding the villa involved the painstaking planning, planting over 300,000 plants and elaborate landscaping. The calming and recuperative power of the place lured us and kept us clear on our long crusade.

To restore the estate to its former glory, local craftsmen worked with artisans from around the world. 
With furniture and architectural detailing sourced from in and outside Italy, plants from across Europe, and years of work, the essence of Borgo Santo Pietro grew into the elegant and welcoming place we dreamed it would be.

Borgo is still evolving and growing, and with it our passion to ensure guests a home from home…