Culinary Garden

Deep-rooted wellbeing: Welcome to the orto!

Our organically cultivated orto (culinary garden) lies at the core of our 'farm to plate' philosophy, where fruit, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers are sown and harvested for use throughout the estate, from our Michelin-starred restaurant Meo Modo and Sull'Albero trattoria, brasserie and bar to the Borgo Cooking School and Borgo Spa

Cultivated using such ancient techniques as lunar planting together with biodynamic principles, the orto enables our chefs to design their plates from the source in collaboration with our culinary gardeners, providing infinite possibilities for the creation of original dishes that range from Michelin-starred degustations to traditional Tuscan fare at Sull'Albero. 

Guests at the Borgo Cooking School use our fresh seasonal harvest in a range of cooking lessons, while practitioners at the Borgo spa collect healing herbs from the garden at the door to make treatments and brew the purifying tisanes offered to guests.

Our culinary gardeners are always more than happy to share their passion with a conversation and the offer of a healing leaf or freshly picked berry, so why not drop by the orto for a chat or learn more with a garden tour?