Comforts of natural products

From earth to plate. Our love and our land come together throughout Borgo. The garden is key in supporting our food promise. The herb and vegetable gardens spoil our chefs with a bounty of choice, making it easy for them to delight our guests' tastebuds with home-grown produce.

Delicious overwhelming aromas envelope guests walking through, inspecting their meals' origins, relishing the beauty of the organic. Further afield the 13 acres of garden and 200 acres of estate beckon as orchard fruits and olives hang promisingly, fruits of our good position and climate. Give in to the temptation and pick a piece of fruit or berry on your walk through.

Rejuvination and healing is Borgo's lasting calling. The medicinal garden's harvest provides remedy in the form of products using natural oils and herbs used in our spa, emulating the past harmoniously. In season, the medicinal garden assists us in making our own tea, sipped as a soothing ritual by our guests and gardeners alike.

Historically, the valley's inhabitants worked the land in return for bread from the bakery. This tradition lives on through our busy Borgo bees, working on the outer reaches of the estate, completing nature's ambition, creating honey.