Wine Tasting Sessions

Our new wine-tasting itinerary invites guests to travel through Tuscany and Italy by virtue of their senses, cracking open a vault of wondrous vocabulary along the way. Held in the wine cellar of Borgo's thirteenth-century villa, the program is hosted by one of our expert sommeliers and comprises the following:

Wine seminar: A one-hour discussion describing different methods of wine production, the importance of terroir and Tuscany in particular, varietals found in Italy and Tuscany, and tips on how to taste wine.

The Tuscan Wine Master Class explores the region’s various appellations with a mini 'wine trip' around Tuscany (1.5 hours, wine seminar included).

1291km roams the length of the Italian peninsular by the glass, exploring grape varieties from the country's highest wine production zone to its lowest (1.5 hours, wine seminar included).

Tuscan Masterpieces: Emotions in the glass uncorks some of Tuscany’s most prestigious labels and invites guests to discover what makes a truly great wine (1.5 hours, wine seminar included. Minimum two people required).

Discover wine terms ranging from the evocative 'star-bright' and 'forest floor' to the more surprising 'compost' and 'toast', learn to spot different hues from the rim to the core, use your nose to identify a wine's age and aroma, find out how to measure a wine by its 'tears', and much more.

Contact us to arrange a wine seminar or wine-tasting session.