Wine Cellar

Tuscany is famous for its grapes, and the cosy wine cellar at Borgo Santo Pietro showcases an extensive wine list of the finest wines from the region and around Italy.

Our award-winning sommelier, Daniele Arcangeli, winner of the ASPI Best Italian Sommelier award in 2015, can provide expert suggestions and insights at the wine-tasting sessions on offer. Each glass can also be accompanied by locally produced meats and cheeses to elevate flavours and notes. 

Years of 'walking the vineyards' have led us to create a wine list that we are very proud of, which we believe encapsulates Borgo's ideas. Hands-on research, such as seeing the terroir and speaking with the winemakers, is an approach that we consider to be fundamental to understanding wine and its production. 

This is why you won't find many famous mainstream wines or winemakers on our list, as we choose what we love and, most importantly, stick to the traditions, history and culture of winemaking.

Most of our wines are produced in using organic or biodynamic methods, showing maximum respect for the process, from vineyard right through to the bottle of wine on your table.

We ask you to explore this list and are more than happy to assist you, if you so wish.