Autumn Culture - Tuscan Style

It’s harvest season when crops are ready for picking and food is celebrated all around Tuscany. Indulge in a seasonal Tuscan Truffle Hunt where you can uncover your very own truffles or book a wine tasting session at the Borgo Wine Academy. Arrange a cooking class with our Michelin-starred chef in our Cooking School to learn the secrets of Italian cuisine.


Tuscan Truffle Hunting - secret location

Treasured by Tuscans and adored by food-lovers worldwide, the truffle is one of this region’s most prized ingredients. Borgo Santo Pietro has special access to an exclusive nature reserve renowned for its truffles.

Your truffle-hunting excursion will start with an introduction to truffles and how they are found before being taken to our secret location by car. There, a local truffle hunter and their hounds will guide you on an exclusive truffle hunt in the woodlands of the Tuscan hills. You will watch the dogs at work, finding these precious food products, and enjoy time in the woods in the countryside.

Post-hunt, and armed with your treasured truffles, you will be taken to a local Osteria where you will have your very own truffles prepared for you personally. Following a truffle infused lunch you will be driven back to Borgo Santo Pietro.


Cheese rolling competition – Pienza

Pienza is famous for its delicious Pecorino cheese and each year the village hosts a wonderfully up-beat cheese rolling competition on the first Sunday of September. Known locally as "cacio al fuso" - literally, the cheese to the spindle. The aim of the participants in this popular festival is to see who can roll the cheese so that it stops closest to the spindle.

This popular festival in this quaint hill-top Tuscan town is a fun-filled day out for all the family and Pienza a must-do town to visit when in Tuscan for serious food lovers, especially of cheese.


Wine Festival – Greve in Chianti

Greve in Chianti hosts its annual wine festival (Rassegna del Chianti Classico) to showcase the famed Chianti Classico wines produced in this region of Tuscany. Explore and sample this world famous wine offered within the many stands set up in Piazza Matteotti. Buy your festival wine glass then you’re free to sample wine to your hearts content. This is an ideal event for those interested in the great wines of Tuscany taking place over the second weekend of September (from Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 September 2017).

slider_peck.jpg September resident artist

This month we welcome John Robert Peck to Borgo Santo Pietro as our September artist.

John graduated from the prestigious The Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. He teaches portrait drawing at Stanford University and painting at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, CA. His paintings are shown in galleries in London, Dublin, Florence, Charleston and Santa Fe.

John has a B.S. in Physics from the University of San Francisco and a Master of Architecture from the University of New Mexico. He seeks to integrate science, design, and the craft of painting in every piece of artwork.

His focus is portraiture.

“I believe that drawing and painting are fundamentally about a search for visual truth in nature- the objects of still life, the landscapes around us, or the faces and figures of models and clients. The real work lies in an effort to establish and maintain an honest inner dialogue... essentially, to "turn off" one's rational argument for "how something should look" and simply, plainly, honestly observe and record what I do see.”

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