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Tuscan Harvest - the season of feasting, festivals and culture

October continues celebrating the harvest season with festivals throughout towns, cities and villages of Tuscany. The wine harvest is in full swing and the forests are producing their bounty of the seasonal Truffles, Porcini, Chestnuts and more. Why not book a visit to one of the many food festivals and indulge in seasonal fare, good wine and some wonderful local culture.


Sagra del Fungo e della Castagna, Vivo d'Orcia

Vivo d'Orcia, a small village near Castiglione d'Orcia, hosts Sagra del Fungo e della Castagna (Mushroom and Chestnut festival) on the second and third weekends of October. The town divides into two parts for the Palio del Boscaiolo in which the teams, using antique saws, must cut logs into stools and tables from where they then eat a polenta dish which has been that the rest of the team.

For mushroom lovers, there is a nature walk to discover the species with the main attraction the range of local porcini mushroom dishes available from food stalls in the town and also the sale of fresh porcini and chestnuts to take home.


Sagra del Tordo - Montalcino

Sagra del Tordo (Feast of the Thrush) takes place on the last weekend of October with much pomp and ceremony on the Saturday with a costume parade followed by celebratory lunches held in the four quartier of Montalcino - Pianello, Travaglio, Ruga and Borghetto. Open to all the public, a great range of food, including roast game, plus an array of excellent local wines the region is renowned for is on offer. Sunday hosts a daylong feast in Montalcino Castle.

There is also a longbow tournament in which two archers from each quartier compete in the towns the archery field over the weekend. Tickets are required for this competition which is a major annual event for the townsfolk of Montalcino. 



Castagne e vino in piazza, Radicondoli

Radicondoli festival celebrates the wine and chestnut harvest in late October to early November. Radicondoli is off the beaten path for most tourists but is well worth a visit to enjoy authentic Tuscan life, located southwest of Siena on the border of the Maremma. This particular festival includes music by the local Radicondoli brass band while guests feast on roasted chestnuts, porchetta and other hearty fare with a plentiful supply of wine from street stalls. 

turner_ottobre.jpg Carrie Turner, our October resident artist

Carrie's work, often described as “fresh, optimistic, and meditative,” beautiful words to depict the emotiveness of her abstract art.

“My art is about finding the beauty in the random chaos of life.”

Carrie is inspired by varying artistic styles from William Turner to Mark Rothko  who compell her to create and express herself in a visual way.

"I am inspired by the patterns we see and feel everyday; music, emotions, and nature. Each piece signifies important parts of the human experience, especially emotions and memories."

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